Black Galaxy Granite

This immense galaxy in the stone, there are still 15 years after a bright shining light of Venus, it is India's Black Galaxy Granite. The granite produced in India, there are other good reputation, such as "Silver Star", "Galaxy granite," "Black Galaxy" and so on. Over the years, people have been dumping her unique charm. So far, total sales of up to one million cubic meters.

"Black Galaxy" granite plaque. Gold plaque formation because it contains a mineral called enstatite, enstatite are rich in iron, this granite school called "anorthite gabbro"s, and its Mohs hardness (Mohs) 4.5 degrees. As a medium-hard, so excellent polishing degree, suitable for use in interior decoration

Silver Galaxy

Silver galaxy is a very popular granite in today’s world. It is a black stone peppered with silver iridescent flecks. The silver fleck within the granite will perfectly complement any stainless steel appliances you may have in your kitchen and so is a very contemporary and fashionable granite choice. Its shimmering flecks will make your room sparkle and give it a special touch. Like most granites, Silver galaxy is an extremely durable and hard wearing granite and is therefore heat and cold resistant. This makes it perfect for many applications, especially worktops and floors or bathrooms.

Jet Black granite

In the construction industry, black rocks that share the hardness and strength of granitic rocks are known as black granite. In geological terms black granite might be gabbro, diabase, basalt, diorite, norite and anorthosite

Polished granite

Polished granite is also a popular choice for kitchen countertops due to its high durability and aesthetic qualities.

Rounded granite

Curved edges can be basic or fancy. They soften the feel of the room and work just as well in a contemporary design as they do in a classic design. Look to the details in your kitchen for inspiration. You may want to echo the curves of the cabinets or complement the architecture of the room. Curves are easy to clean and one of the safest options if you worry about little heads getting bumped or hips catching corners. These are also available in the laminated 4cm style or in the regular thickness of the slab surface.